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Selasa, 28 September 2010

Stop it ! It's already exhausting me so much!

This morning just went away like my previous morning in this week. Woke up so late, it was almost noon when i opened my eyes. Yeah, just like the previous night (and midnight) i've spent it with watching dorama on my Matsujun (My lovely nickname for my black and small notebook) or playing the sims in my brothers laptop. I think, I just wanna run away from my boring activities lately.

Woke up at almost 12 a.m, i went downstairs to the living room. Checking the newspaper, try to updating news for this week. Actually, i just knew nothing. I didn't know the news about new terrorist in my country. But, overall, I dont wanna fulling my head with any serious news and think about it so much, so i just came up read the celebrities gossip there.

But, what i've found is just remaining me with him.
started in the first column on Jawa Pos, below the headline, it reports about our navy just catched up some violator in our sea frontier line. and then the new admirals inauguation of  indonesia's army. and then the aussie's navy that come visit to Surabaya. Arggghhhh... why all of this fuckin news tells about navy, army, or everything related with that fucking thing?

And all that i can do is sit down here. looks calmly, but bleed inside. All i can do here is just waiting for his call. say that he's back, he wanna see me, then we meet up each other, he hugs me so calmly, and oh-my-God-even-imagine-it-is-so-hurting-me!!

i tried to forget it with tons of activities. but it cant help forever.
i have to meet u soon. as soon as possible.

please take a rest from that navy's activities
i'm here missing you so bad.

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