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Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Ice Water in the Middle of Dessert

This is the 2nd day of this year.
After that broken heart and all the things that frustated me out, i've found you.
The real figure of the character of my favorite book.

More things i shared with you, more and more things i wanna know.
Thats the way you feed my hunger.
About religion, language, culture, everything.
Seems that you are the encyclopedias book for me.
The real one.

And i got more curious about everything.
Thanks for found and gave me a glass of ice water in the middle of my dessert life.
It was really helpful of you.
Hope that i can know you better.

Let me to go to put my feet in the other part of this world
Let me explore everything
Especially the purpose of this life
The human side of me
The love of a lifetime

Just leave it to the destiny...

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